Wedding Photographer Devon Q & A

Working as a wedding photographer from Devon, I often get asked questions about me and how I work as a wedding photographer. Here are some of the more popular questions I often get asked.

Q. How much do you charge

A. Not an easy one to answer as every wedding I photograph is unique, what I can do is give you and idea. For all day coverage and a beautiful wedding album my packages start at £799. Along with the many different wedding albums to chose from, I also offer pen drive only pages from £799. I currently have 9 different packages that come under the £1000 along with some more expensive options. If you are having a small wedding Monday to Thursday please get in touch to see if I can offer you a special price. 

Q.  How long have you been a professional photographer ?

A.  After serving 12 years in the Army I left in 2000 and have been photographing weddings and events ever since. I have now photographed over 1100 weddings in the South West and Devon. It has been my full time profession for 21 years.

Q. Do you offer any type of guarantee ?

A. Yes, if you book me to photograph your wedding, written within the contract is a 100% money back guarantee.

Q. Do you have whole weddings we can see ?

A. Yes if you arrange to meet up with me I will bring to the comfort of your home, a selection of albums that I offer. Each one containing just one wedding, so you can see the quality of photography that you will get from your day.

Q. How long will you be at my wedding ?

A. All of my summer prime time weddings and all bar one of my winter / mid week weddings come with a full days coverage. I know most wedding photographers offer coverage by the hour but I don’t, why? Well if I’m at a wedding I like to tell the story of the day not just the middle few hours. This will normally mean bridal preparation right though until the first dance.

Q. How long after the wedding will it before we get to see the photographs.

A. One of the many reasons a lot couples book me to be their wedding photographer is you get to see a good selection, around 250, of fully edited photographs on your wedding day, after the meal. Why is this such a good thing, well one, you go away on honeymoon knowing you have wonderful photographs and two, you will know you have all the photographs you wanted. If you see the photos the next day online it’s a day to late, by seeing them on the day I’m still with you and we can easily take any that were not asked for. There are rare occasions I cant do this, for instance a marquee reception where I cant get power or its just too bright to edit the photographs. The wedding photographs will then go online within seven days.

Q.  Are you insured ?

A. Yes I have indemnity, liability and equipment insurance, in 21 years I have yet to use it. My insurance must love me.

Q. Do you use professional camera equipment to photograph weddings ?

A. Simple answer, yes and I carry back up equipment incase any thing should go wrong or gets damaged. My main Camera is the Sony A9 at just under £5000 not cheap, but it’s an amazing camera allowing me to capture wedding photographs that a few years ago would not have been possible.

Q. Do we have to feed you at the wedding reception?

A. No, I’m there to work not eat.

Q. Do you edit the wedding photographs?

A. Yes each and every photograph from your wedding will be check and if required adjusted.  Some will be duplicated and turned into black and white or a creative filter added.

Q. Will it be you that photographs our wedding ?

A. Yes, I never send someone else. Each and every photograph on my website was taken by me, as will yours. More and more I am seeing photographers offer cheap wedding photography then got anyone they can to shoot the wedding. If they do not have a google business page with reviews your alarm bells should be ringing. 

Q. Where are you based and how far will you travel.

A. I am based in Bovey Tracey Devon but I will, and have traveled far and wide to photograph weddings. I have worked in Scotland, Newcastle, the lake district, Wales, the midlands, London and across the south west and that’s just a few of the places I have traveled too,to photograph weddings and events. I only charge travel if the wedding is more than two hours away and even then it’s at cost.

Q. What if you are ill ?

A. Touch wood in 21 years I have never missed a weddings. Yes I have been unwell but I get the job done. If I am so seriously ill I can not photograph your wedding I have a large network of professional photographs Im pleased to call my friends who would step in to help. I am also a member of the the emergency wedding photographers back up list. I know a mouthful, it's a facebook page and although I have never used it the group does work.

Q. Don’t you get bored going to so many weddings?

A. If they were all the same, sure I would. However in 21 years and having photographed over 1100 weddings I am yet to photograph two weddings that are the same. I love it, they are all so different. I am a people person and yet a large part of my job is sat in front of a computer. So your wedding will be the highlight of my working week.