Devon Wedding

January 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

This simple Devon wedding photograph's secret, is in it's simplicity.  At first glance it would appear that I've had very little input in creating this image.  Photographs like this don't just happen and my experience means I can set them up very quickly.  As you can see it's a very sunny day and if I placed them in the sunlight the brides dress would be very bright loosing detail.  To keep the detail in the dress, I could lower the exposure but that would loose all the detail in the beautiful trees. So to get a much more balanced image I placed the bride and groom in a shady spot.  This means I can keep the detail in the dress and in the beautiful trees.  I then placed them on the brow of the hill off to one side so the church also comes into view.  Now I did not ask them to kiss but grabbed the shot when they could not resist.  So a simple photograph thats had a little more thought than it first appears.  

Devon WeddingDevon WeddingDevon Wedding


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