Two Bridges Hotel wedding, Devon

January 12, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I love this Photograph taken at Two Bridges Hotel, on Dartmoor in the heart of Devon.  It was taken last year in the summer on a very wet day. The bride and groom were desperate to have a wedding photograph on the bridge. I was only to happy to oblige and with a brave couple this is the end result.  When it's wet and windy, It's so important to work quickly to grab the photographs.  Before the couple made their way out onto the bridge I already had the camera set to the correct settings and I knew the angle I wanted to shoot from. By having them stand on the right side of the bridge I was able to see the couple full length as I did not want to loose any of the dress behind the bridge.  The light is mainly coming from the left so I positioned the bride slighting closer to the camera than the groom. This is a matter of inches but it's so imported because if I had not set them up like this the groom would have cast a shadow on the bride.  I have made a few changes in photoshop to make the image pop. I love this Devon wedding photograph, I hope you do too. 

Two Bridges Hotel wedding, DevonWW-564Two Bridges Hotel wedding, Devon


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