Devon Winter Weddings

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Devon Winter Weddings

When I first started as a wedding photographer photographing weddings here in Devon 19 years ago, a winter wedding was a little unusual. Now things have changed greatly and Devon winter weddings are more popular than ever. I think the main reason for this is the huge variety of wonderful weddings venues bride and grooms have to choose from today. Also, the internet has made it easier than ever before to share your photographs of fantastic winter weddings. In doing so making other couples realise that winter is a great time to get married.
Devon Winter WeddingsDevon Winter Weddings

Winter wedding weather

Now you may get lucky and have the perfect weather at your winter wedding. One of those wonderful winter days, with blue sky and crisp clean air. Or it can be a complete washout with rain from dawn to dusk. Whatever the weather, with a little planning and the right venue, all-day fun can be had no matter what comes your way. Talking of venues, if you are planning a wedding in the winter, look out for one that’s suited for an indoor wedding. One with room to move around with different rooms for you and your guests to relax in. You are spoilt for choice today with so many wonderful venues suited for winter weddings.
Winter wedding weatherWinter wedding weather

Some winter wedding advice

Having photographed over 1100 weddings I do have a few pieces of advice when planning your winter wedding. If you are lucky and have a dry day, you may wish to take advantage and get outside for some of your wedding photographs. If you intend going onto the grass, even on a dry day, the ground can be very soft. So, if you have a very expensive pair of shoes, maybe with high pointed heels, you may want to think about having to hand a simple pair of flats. A quick change will ensure you do not ruin your wedding shoes whilst getting your dream wedding photographs. If you are brave and don’t mind going out in the rain to get some shots, think about some nice white umbrellas. Sometimes the venue will have some but if not, you can pick them up cheaply on eBay. I would say do not open them and if it does not rain you can always sell them again after the wedding. If you have pockets in your dress (yes some do) or you intend having a small bag, hand warmers can come in very handy on a cold winter’s day.

Wedding Photographer DevonWedding Photographer Devon

Night-time wedding photographs

As you can see from these photographs, you do not have to stop taking wedding photographs once the sun goes down. With a skilled wedding photographer and some clever light and good camera technique, some of your favourite photographs may be taken in the dark. Fireworks are popular as you can see in this post as well as the cheaper option of sparklers.   Devon Winter WeddingDevon Winter Wedding- photographer Devonphotographer Devon

So if you are planning a winter wedding do pop over to my winter wedding gallery. For many more winter wedding photographs and you never know, maybe a little inspiration.



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