Wedding Photographer Devon

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Wedding Photographer Devon

Now I know it’s hard to believe, but occasionally even here in Devon, the weather can occasionally be awful. Rain, snow, wind and sleet I have seen it all over the last 19 years that I have been photographing weddings in Devon and across the South West. So for this post, I thought I would share with you a few images of bride and grooms taken inside. The first two you can see are of the beautiful bride. One taken in Exeter cathedral on a dry but very windy day. Can you imagine me trying to layout the bride's 16-foot cathedral veil, as in this shot, outside in 45mph wind?  I think I would be there all day and even then not get a shot like this. The second one is a classic of the bride at the bottom of the stairs. This was taken from the top of the stairs to include more of the bannister using the lines to draw you into the bride.

Wedding Photographer DevonWedding Photographer Devon

Devon Weddings

A couple more on the very different stairs along with one in a hallway. When taking photographs inside I am always looking for pools of light that I can use to illuminate the bride and groom.  You can see this in the hallway shot and the photograph taken looking down on the bride and groom on the stairs. Both of these wedding photographs were taken using only natural light. The other photograph taken of the bride and groom looking up at them on the stairs was taken in a different way. For this photograph, I had to use a little flash as there was not enough light hitting the bride and groom. I the flash was left on the camera this image would look very different and you would lose all the wonderful ambient colours. So to achieve this look I placed a flash above me on the next floor up. I also used a snoot on the flash, this is a piece of equipment that keeps the flash beam very narrow ensuring light only hits the bride and groom and not the surrounding area.

Devon WeddingsDevon Weddings Weddings DevonWeddings Devon

Wet Weddings

Two more photographs to show you both of bride and grooms taken on very wet days. As you can see it did not stop us from getting some great memories for the happy couple. For the first one, we had a little bit of luck. The love sign you see in this photograph was actually left behind from the wedding the day before. What a result that was, especially as we had rain for most of the day. A slow shutter high ISO and a snoot on the flash ensured the beautiful ambient in the barn became part of the photograph. The same technique was used for the second photograph with only a small spot of light used to illuminate the bride and groom.

Wet WeddingsWet Weddings Photographer DevonPhotographer Devon

The Bride and Groom

So as you can see, if the weather does not behave itself on your wedding day, it does not mean you will not have photographs to treasure. With good planning, clever use of light and selective use of flash, stunning results can be had inside. Over the last 19 years, I have photographed 1100 weddings many of which on bad weather days. I have never failed to get wonderful photographs the bride and groom love and I have never known a wedding to be ruined by the weather, the fun always wins.

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