North Devon wedding

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North Devon wedding

This North Devon Wedding is a little different to the normal wedding.  It's not often I get to take wedding photographs in a tunnel.  As I'm sure you would guess, this is not a straight forward wedding photograph.  Putting the camera on auto would not work, in fact you would end up with a photo of a tunnel with the couple in total darkness.  So to create this image I set the couple up off to one side away from the lights.  Talking about the lights, I liked them and they did add some drama to the image but they were not bright enough to light the bride and groom.

So to achieve the image I set the camera up exposing for the lights in the tunnel. I loved the detail the lights show up and I wanted to make sure I kept this in the photograph.  If thats all I did the tunnel would look lovely but the couple would be too dark. So the answer was to use some flash.  Again auto on the flash would not work as it would over power the wall lights and you would loose all the drama in the image. So I set up the flash along with the camera in manual mode. The last thing to do was to add a snoot to the flash.  A snoot turns the flash from a wide beam of light into a narrow beam allowing me to control the light from the flash.  Hopefully the end result you can not really tell a flash has bee used at all.  

I hope you like the resulting photograph as much as I know, the bride and groom did. North Devon WeddingNorth Devon Weddingwedding photographer Devon; wedding photographer Exeter

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