Night time Devon wedding

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Night time Devon weddings

As a Devon wedding photographer, It's my job to get stunning images at weddings 12 months of the year.  This is a wedding photograph I often take in the colder months when it gets dark early.  Now most people looking at this will think, how lucky the bride and groom have been to have such wonderful blue sky.  The truth is I can make the sky look like this no matter what the weather.  Even on a cloudy day and no, it's not done in photoshop.  The sky at night will always go this wonderful dark blue just before it goes black.  It's not that obvious to the eye but my experience slows me to know just the right time to take the photograph.


The important thing is to wait until the backdrop matches the brightness of the sky.  Once it was balanced I asked the bride and groom to step outside with me. I used one flash off to the side and balanced the night scene with the flash to give me this scene.  Very little editing has been done to the photograph, why? Well, it looked amazing right out of the camera. Click here to see another night time wedding photograph from a different wedding at the same venue

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