Oak Barn Wedding, Devon

June 18, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

A wonderful day that I was the wedding photographer for at The Oak Barn, set in the beautiful Devon countryside. 

This was my first visit to the Oak Barn which lies north of Dartmoor in between  Exeter and Oakhampton.  A beautiful wedding venue that gave off a relaxed vibe that continued throughout the day.  It’s a venue only hire, so the bride and groom can bring in there own suppliers putting their own unique stamp on their wedding day. 

Another beautiful Devon wedding

What a day we had from start to finish the emphasis was on having fun.  This was all the guests not just the wonderful bride and groom.  Stacey our beautiful bride got ready on site allowing me to capture some lovely photographs of the getting ready stage of the wedding.  Before long guests started to arrive and got straight into the bar manned by Stewart the groom ably assisted by his groomsmen. 

Time to get married

The wedding was wonderful as you can see from the photographs and the bride and groom soon made their way outside.  They walked into the main gardens through a tunnel of confetti that I had set up.  It was then down to some celebrating with friends and family.  During this time I was able to capture some group photographs and some romantic ones of the bride and groom. 

Party time and Devon sunsets

After the meal and the very funny speeches, it was soon time for the dancing to begin.  As I was due to leave I noticed the sky developing some colour.  If you know me you will know I am a sucker for sunset wedding photographs.  So I asked Stacey and Stewart if they would like me to stay a little later.  They took no persuading and left at the chance of some late photographs with the beautiful now filled with colour. 

Devon Wedding photographer review

This is the wonderful review the bride and groom, Stacey and Stewart left for me on Google.

Nicks work is truly beautiful and the images that have been captured are unbelievable. 

Nick was extremely professional and friendly and made myself and my husband feel at ease from the moment he arrived. So many guests have commented on just how brilliant Nick was. 
Nick was calm and subtle and managed to catch the most beautiful natural pictures.

The extra special thing about Nick was that he was in no rush to leave and his priority was ensuring that we were happy. Nick spotted a potentially amazing sky and stayed until late to ensure that he captured our photograph at the right moment. This photograph, in particular, is something truly special and I can’t thank Nick enough for lying in the cold damp fields at 9 pm to make sure that it was perfect. 

Nick, I honestly cannot thank you enough for your support and kindness on the day! You reminded me to take it all in, take some time with Stewart and even though I changed my mind on what photos I wanted ten times over nothing was too much trouble. Thank you.


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