Sunset Weddings

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Sunset weddings photographed by Devon wedding photographer Nick Williams

We are very lucky here in Devon and across the south-west to be blessed with some amazing sunsets which I love to photograph at weddings.  Not just in the summer but also in the colder months. I have often got lucky with a wonderful sunset at a winter wedding as well as the long summer days. So I thought I would share with you a few sunset wedding photographs I have taken. 

Devon sunset

This first sunset wedding photograph was taken at Rockbeare Manor near Exeter. The bride and groom had already enjoyed a wonderful day when we were blessed with this amazing scene. Well, I just had to get the bride and groom out for some pictures and they took no persuading at all.  They were both fans of my wedding work and were hoping for just such a scene to finish their day.  I photographed a number of different setups with this walking shot being one of my favourites.  I know I was not the only one, as the happy couple also loved the photograph.

sunset-wedding- Devonsunset-wedding-01Sunset wedding photography by Devon Wedding Photographer Nick Williams Almost a Sunset

Ok so this technically is not a sunset photograph but it’s doing a very good job at impersonating one.   The sun was actually setting behind me and what you are seeing is the sun reflecting off the clouds towards the east of the wedding venue. The venue is set in a valley so this scene is actually very rare and boy didn’t I get excited when I caught a glimpse of it out of the window. I ran up the stairs and grabbed the bride and groom who trusted me that it was worth the dash outside.  I knew the amazing sky would not last long so I worked very quickly. This is the end result, which I hope you love as much as I do.

Devon sunset wedding PhotographDevon sunset weddingWedding Photographer Devon Silhouette Sunset

The silhouette is another great way to make a fabulous sunset wedding photograph. I often do this type of image to complement the more traditional sunset wedding photographs.  For this one, I placed the bride and groom on the brow of a hill. I made sure they were not in front of the dark trees as that would make them disappear into the background. This shot would work without the trees but I decide to use them as a frame surrounding the bride and groom.

Devon Photographersunset-wedding-03Wedding Photographer Devonl and the south west Mackerel Sky

Now if I had to name my favourite sky it has to be what we in Devon call a Mackerel sky.  I believe it indicates a change in the weather but not before I capture my wedding photographs. On this occasion, we hit the jackpot, if only I could book a sky like this for every wedding.  This photograph of the bride and groom was taken just outside their wedding venue.

Wedding Photographer Based in DevonWedding Photographer Based in DevonWedding Photographer Based in Devon Sunset or not?

Ok hands up this is not a true sunset at all but I hope you agree it sure looks like one.  So how did I achieve this look? It’s actually not that hard all I did was ask the bride and groom to walk up the hill into the sun. I then set my camera to expose for the sky know this would silhouette the happy couple. I then set the camera’s white balance to it’s warmest setting turning the whole scene a warm glowing colour giving the impression that the bride and groom are walking off into the sunset. The end result is a wonderful wedding photograph manipulated in camera and not in photoshop.

Photographer south DevonPhotographer south DevonPhotographer south Devon Another stunning Devon sunset

The last one to show you is this one from the Oak Barn in Mid Devon.  This wedding photograph was all about timing. Ten minutes to early the sky was nowhere near as dramatic and ten minutes after taking this photo the sky was dark and lifeless.  Normally the sky will dominate the image when photographing sunsets.  However, on this one, I also wanted to make sure the beautiful buttercups also had a large stake in the final image. To achieve this and despite the damp ground I lay down on the grass keeping my camera very low. This angle gives the scene three layers that blend together beautifully.  The gorgeous buttercups in the foreground, then the stunning bride and groom, followed by the amazing sky.  What a way to end the day.

Oak Barn DevonOak Barn DevonOak Barn Devon

So if you are getting married here in Devon or across the south-west you may be lucky enough to get a sunset of your dreams. If you do you must make sure you have a wedding photographer who can capture the scene in all its glory. 











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