Devon wedding photographer

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 Devon wedding photographer

It’s so good to be back photographing weddings again. I have 10 weddings booked in for July, most are in Devon with some in Bristol and one in Cornwall. This wedding I am about to show you was photographed at Thornbury castle on the 31st May, on the outskirts of Bristol.

Devon Wedding PhotographerBG-126Devon Wedding Photographer

Wedding in the castle

I set off from my home in Devon nice and early to ensure I beat the traffic. On my arrival as I always liked to do, I made my way around the grounds to see what was in bloom and what would make a great backdrop for the wedding photographs. This is an important part of planning on the day, no matter how well I know the venue.

Wedding photographBG-176Wedding photograph

A glorious day for a wedding

As you can see from the wedding photographs, we were very lucky with the weather. Most of the day we were bathed in beautiful sunshine bring an extra smile to everyone’s faces. The bride and groom were a joy to photograph and were happy for me to take the lead with the photos.

Wedding PhotographyBG-385Wedding Photography

Along with the bride and groom, all of the guests were so happy to be there, especially after the last 12 months we have had. Everyone was willing to have their photograph taken, helping to make wonderful memories for the bride and groom. Memories I know the bride and groom love as they have left me a wonderful five-star review on google.

evening wedding photographBG-521evening wedding photograph

As you can see from these sample images, I was able to spend some time with Tamsin and Colin (the bride and groom) in the evening. This allowed me to capture some spectacular images of the happy couple in front of the castle. I used some off-camera flash to add a little drama to the photographs, which I feel worked very well.

A fantastic way to end the day

Sunset wedding PhotographBG-528Sunset wedding Photograph

If the rest of the weddings that I have booked in for this year are much fun as Tamsin and Colin's wedding, then I’m in for an amazing second half of the year.





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