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Wedding celebration

Wedding booking form

A £100 deposit is required to secure the booking. Bank details will be provided on completion of the booking form via email. Please fill in all boxes giving as much information as possible. 


I hereby confirm the above booking for Nick Williams to photograph our wedding and have read and agree to the following conditions.

1. Copyright belongs to the photographer and unless the client buys the copyright free pen drive the client may not reproduce any image or authorize reproduction by any means whatsoever including photocopying or scanning into a computer. Any such copying is unlawful and may be a criminal offence. If the pen drive is purchased, full printing permission is given for personal use. When purchased, Images are provided high resolution with no watermark. 

2. All original images belong to the photographer. I/we hereby agree that the photographer may use them to promote or advertise his services as a wedding photographer.

3. If I/We are not satisfied with the work produced compensation will be paid by the photographer to and not exceeding a full refund of the total price paid on return of all photographs taken. Prior to delivery of Digital copies.

4. It is a condition of booking that Nick Williams is the only professional photographer working at the wedding and that no other vendor including the videographer is allowed to take photographs. If a situation arises where this is not the case, Nick Williams reserves the right to cease photography and all monies paid will be non-refundable.

5. Unless arranged prior to the wedding, coverage will end by 9pm at the latest.

Cancelation policy: Cancel from date of booking up to 6 months 0% 6 months to 4 months 30% 4 months to 2 to months 50% less then 2 months 100%. Cancelation Policy not applicable if wedding cancelled due to Covid-19

Thank you for submitting!

Your privacy is very important to us and your details are never passed on to anyone without your prior permission. 

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