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Devon wedding photography at the wonderful Horn of Plenty

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I was the wedding photographer for Katie and John who got married on the 20th August 2021 at the Horn of plenty near Tavistock in Devon. Horn of Plenty is a wonderful wedding venue that I have worked at before. The owners of the hotel love my work on my first visit to the hotel for a wedding a few years ago. So much so, they now kindly recommend me for wedding photography. As also I turned up nice and early to have a look around the venue to see and plan my locations for the photographs later in the day.

Getting ready for the wedding

For the first two hours of the day, I switch from photographing Katie and her bridal party to John and the boys. This was made easy as they were both getting ready at the hotel. It’s so wonderful to see all the excitement build up before the wedding. Katie’s dad was very emotional about seeing his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. This emotion carried on into the wedding service as you can see with this photo of John wiping away a tear.

Time for the wedding photographs

After the ceremony, the bride and groom went into the lounge of the hotel allowing me time to arrange the guests for their exit. As you can see, we set them up to form a funnel of confetti which always yields some great photographs. After this, I left the bride and groom alone to celebrate their wedding with all of their friends and family. When I say left alone, I was never far away capturing lots of wonderful reportage photographs.

On to the formals

If you know my work, you will know my formals are never that formal as we always have fun during this part of the day. Working quickly, it was soon time for me to take Katie and John around the grounds for their couple shots. This was made easy due to the time I had spent before the wedding scouting the grounds in the morning. The Horn of Plenty is a truly beautiful hotel with stunning grounds and views to match.

On to the wedding reception

Soon, the bride and groom along with their guests were sitting down for their meal. The food at the Horn of plenty is simply amazing, something I know they take great pride in. Even if you are not planning a wedding, it’s worth a visit just for the food alone. So, after the meal and speeches, the wedding wondered on into the evening. I had already told the happy couple of my plans to do a few evening shots. This allowed me to give the bride and groom even more variety in their wedding photographs. It had started to rain a little but that did not stop us. Working quickly we were able to capture some truly amazing wedding photographs that other photographers may have missed.

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