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Unveiling the Beauty: Wedding Flowers and Their Diverse Roles

Wedding flowers have various roles a at both modern and traditional weddings, extending beyond their visual appeal. Traditionally, they are utilised to craft a bridal bouquet, which the bride carries while walking down the aisle. This is of course is still hugely popular, and it’s rare to have a wedding where a bride does not have a bouquet of flowers. They also create the groom’s buttonhole, which is pinned to his lapel as a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Flowers are frequently incorporated into the wedding decor, embellishing the aisle, reception tables, and even the wedding cake. Moreover, they can be used as hair accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids, adding a touch of natural beauty to their overall appearance. Additionally, flowers can be given as wedding favours, enabling guests to take home a memento from the special day.

Various ways couples have used wedding flowers on their special day
Cakes, planners, bouquets and buttonholes, the many uses for wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are such a beautiful part of any wedding.

Of course, wedding bouquet are traditionally made with beautiful flowers. However, on a few occasions I have photographed weddings with the bouquet has been a little different. Firstly, you have the artificial flowers which went done right can look beautiful and of course will last forever. I have also occasionally photographed weddings where the bridal bouquet is made with the Japanese art of origami. One occasion I asked the bride the reason for this decision. Her answer was both obvious and surprising she suffered from terrible hay fever. The other type of bouquet I have only photographed on a couple of occasions. This is where the bouquet was made from metal broaches. I must admit it looked absolutely beautiful on both occasions. Both weddings I decided against doing the traditional of throwing up a bouquet photograph of the weight of the metal used to make the brooches. The last thing we wanted was for it to land on someone’s head and send them to hospital.

More photographs of wedding flowers from a various weddings, I have photographed.
The endless variety of wedding flowers, never ceases to amaze me.

Cakes, hair, gentlemen jackets, they all benefit from a splash of colour from wedding flowers.

Wedding bouquets are traditionally crafted using beautiful flowers, but in my experience photographing weddings, I have come across some unique variations. One alternative is using artificial flowers, which, when done right, can be visually stunning and have the advantage of lasting indefinitely. On a few occasions, I have also encountered bridal bouquets made with origami, showcasing the Japanese art form. Curious about this choice, I once asked a bride her reason, and her response was both obvious and surprising – she suffered from severe hay fever. Another type of bouquet I have encountered only a couple of times is made entirely of metal broches. I must admit, it looked absolutely exquisite on both occasions. Due to the weight of the brooches, I decided against the traditional practice of tossing the bouquet during these weddings. The last thing we wanted was for it to accidentally hit someone's head and send them to the hospital.

Various uses for flowers at a wedding
From simple bouquets to extravagant venue decorations, many uses of Wedding flowers.

If you're planning a wedding and you've hired me to photograph it, please feel free to reach out for recommendations for other suppliers. This includes wedding flowers supplied in some of these photographs. If you have yet to book me to photograph your Devon wedding, please explore the rest of my Website. A good place to start is on my first of four wedding galleries. This is where you'll see lots of wonderful photographs taken in and around Devon and across the south-west.

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