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Having children at your wedding by Devon Photographer Nick Williams

As a Devon photographer i find this subject is quite fascinating and is frequently discussed when I am photographing weddings or simply socialising with friends and family. When it comes to having children at a wedding, my response is straightforward: it is entirely your decision. The crucial aspect is to take the children into account on the day, which greatly depends on their age. So, what can you do to ensure that the children have a fun time on your wedding day? There are numerous ideas that I will now go over with you.

Activities for your children on your wedding day, by Devon Photographer Nick Williams

Having planned activities for the children on the wedding day is a common practice. Specifically, I am referring to the younger children, not the teenagers. Throughout the years, I have witnessed numerous creative ideas at weddings that I found to be excellent. For instance, hiring a children's entertainer or a magician to entertain the little ones while the adults enjoy the wedding festivities. Alternatively, organising various games for the children during the wedding, such as board games, computer games, or fairground games, is another great idea.

Keeping them busy and wearing them out at the same time

Many times throughout the years, I have witnessed couples incorporating bouncy castles into their wedding venues. This is an excellent concept, especially when there are numerous young children present. However, it is worth mentioning that after consuming a few beverages, the adults often join in on the amusement. I distinctly recall one wedding where the children seemed to bounce tirelessly for a remarkable eight hours. Although I am unsure of what they were drinking to give them such energy , I must admit that I wish I could partake in such festivities at every wedding. Their energy appeared limitless as they continuously bounced, allowing the adults to unwind and fully relish in the celebration.

Three boys having the time of their lives at a wedding.
Three cheeky boys at a wedding

Two young boys, looking smart at a wedding
These two are all dressed to impress for the wedding

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