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Kathryn and Andrew at the horn of plenty in the heart of Devon

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Kathryn and Andrew tied the knot at the Horn of Plenty in Tavistock Devon in January 2023. The Horn of Plenty is a charming boutique hotel nestled in the picturesque countryside. The breathtaking views encompass the distant old tin mines. I have had the pleasure of capturing numerous weddings at this venue and the exceptional staff always ensure that the couple and their guests are well taken care of throughout the day. One aspect that I particularly look forward too when photographing weddings here is the delectable cuisine, which is truly outstanding. It is a well-known fact that many couples choose the Horn of Plenty just for the amazing accommodation and hotel, but also its exceptional food.

Such an easy couple to photograph.

Kathryn and Andrew were an absolute pleasure to photograph during their wedding day. Their natural chemistry made my job incredibly easy. This delightful picture showcases the couple's joy just moments after completing the legal formalities. I had the privilege of capturing numerous candid shots of the bride, groom, and their lovely circle of friends and family throughout the day. Their warm welcome made the entire experience truly enjoyable.

The confetti shot.

After Kathryn and Andrew exchanged vows, they took a moment to contemplate in a private room. This provided me with the chance to organize all the attendees into two lines outside the Horn of Plenty and hand out the confetti. Subsequently, as the newlyweds emerged from the hotel, the guests joyfully tossed the confetti in the air, enabling me to capture numerous splendid photographs of the couple. This represents merely one of the numerous snapshots we were able to seize during this extraordinary moment.

Formal photographs of the bride and groom.

Kathryn and Andrew provided me with a list of formal photographs they wanted me to capture on the day. This list included a large group photograph of everyone and smaller group photographs of family members. Once we finished with those, we proceeded to take photographs of just the bride and groom. As always, I like to explore the surroundings to capture the couple in various settings, ensuring that all the wedding photographs have a distinct appearance. When people hear the term formal photographs, they often have a negative reaction, thinking that the photos will look rigid and overly posed. However, this picture clearly demonstrates otherwise. It is my duty as a professional wedding photographer to ensure that even posed photographs look exquisite and genuine.

The bridal bouquet.

The wedding bouquet of flowers is captured in a simple photograph. Instead of solely focusing on the flowers, I chose to blur the bride and groom in the background. This creates a more captivating image compared to a straightforward flower photograph.

Adding a little sparkle to the wedding.

In a previous blog post, I discussed the use of wedding fireworks as a stunning way to conclude the day. Another option, as depicted in this wonderful photograph, is to incorporate sparklers. This alternative is not only more cost-effective but also just as impactful. So after gathering everyone lined up and lighting the sparklers, I had the bride and groom slowly walk towards me. I particularly admire how the groom graciously offered his jacket to the beautiful bride on that chilly January evening. It truly is a remarkable way to begin their married life. If you're interested in more examples of winter weddings, feel free to explore my dedicated winter wedding gallery.

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