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Reportage wedding photography by a Devon photographer, Nick Williams Photography

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

I have photographed over 1300 weddings many of which have been right here in my home county of Devon. Reportage wedding photography has been around for decades, this goes against the popular belief that it’s something new. The big change in the number of reportage photographs we take as wedding photographers came about in 2002 when a lot of photographers changed over from film to digital. This now meant that unlike with film we could now take as many wedding photographs as we wanted with the knowledge it was not eating into our profits every time we pressed the shutter.

Beautiful bride on her wedding day
The happy bride

Reportage wedding photography in Devon

When I am the photographer for a wedding in Devon or across the southwest, I always have one eye out looking for that natural photograph. That moment in time that unless captured by me will be lost forever. This great photo of this cheeky little boy is one great example. I think I was the only person to see him with his wonderful smile looking out of the window. The photo had to be quick as this moment only lasted a second or two. By capturing it for the Bride and groom and the parents of the boy, it will last long in their memories.

Reportage wedding photograph
Nan have a fun time at the wedding

Weddings are a time to celebrate

How many reportage wedding photographs each couple gets can depend on a couple of factors. The first and most important is how happy and chatty everyone is on the day. This can be helped when a lot of the guests know each other and even better if they have not seen each other for a while. At some weddings, you can feel the energy right away whilst it can build up slowly throughout the day. Good sunny weather can help as this always brings out the smiles

Paige boy and his cheeky grin
What a cheeky smile

Reportage photograph taken in Devon
Hey thats my job :)

How this Devon photographer captures the fun and emotion of the wedding.

Speeches are another part of the wedding which will often allow me the opportunity to capture some reportage wedding photographs. This is helped if the speeches are good especially the best man (no pressure boys) I say boys one of the best speeches I can remember was by the groom's daughter who was the best girl for his dad her speech was equally moving as it was funny allowing me to capture the emotion and laughter all at the same time.

The bride having a laugh with friends
Unposed, fun and natural wedding photography

Bride and groom chatting with friends on their wedding day
Bride and groom chatting with friends

If you are planning to have a wedding in Devon or anywhere in the Southwest region, I encourage you to reach out to me. By doing so, I will be able to provide you with more comprehensive information on how I can effectively capture all the joyful moments and excitement of your special day. The Contact me form can be found on my home page

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