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You only get one chance by Devon wedding photographer, Nick Williams.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

When it comes to wedding photography, there is a subtle difference compared to other photography genres, as it captures fleeting moments that can never be replicated.

Walking down the aisle by Devon wedding photographer, nick, williams.
No hiding their emotions

Walking down the aisle by, Devon wedding photographer, Nick Williams

After the couple's marriage ceremony and signing of the registrar, they will proceed to walk back down the aisle. This particular moment is frequently filled with emotions as they celebrate their union alongside their loved ones. As a Devon wedding photographer, it is crucial for me to capture this moment flawlessly on every occasion. This can be challenging as the lighting, venue, people, and even the design and layout of the aisle vary each time.

Bride and groom, having the confetti throne as they walk back down the aisle
Beautiful bride and groom at a wonderful barn wedding

Throwing confetti at the wedding, as they walked down the aisle.

A trend that has gained traction at certain venues is the act of throwing confetti as the couple makes their way back down the aisle. This can add a touch of individuality to the wedding and make the photographs truly memorable. The Southwest, including Devon and Cornwall, boasts a wide array of exceptional wedding venues, each with its own unique style. Furthermore, in recent times, couples have been able to customise their weddings to reflect their personal design preferences.

The bride and groom taking their first walk as a married couple
The first few steps as husband and wife

The importance of having a professional wedding photographer

There are numerous photographs taken during a wedding day that can be retaken if they don't turn out well. However, there are certain moments, like walking back down the aisle, where you only have one opportunity to capture that perfect shot. Therefore, when selecting a wedding photographer for your wedding in Devon or anywhere in the UK, it is crucial to choose a professional photographer, preferably someone with experience shooting weddings at your chosen venue or similar wedding venues. Throughout my career as a Devon wedding photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing countless weddings in various locations, ranging from stunning castles like Bovey castle in Devon to churches, village halls, mansion houses, converted barns and even a palace. Regardless of where your wedding takes place, by booking me as your photographer, I will ensure that you have flawless memories of your special day. You can view hundreds of my photographs via my galleries.

Bride and groom at Rockbeare Manor, Devon
Perfect timing, resulting in the perfect wedding photograph

Hopefully I've answered a few questions about wedding Photography here, but I have many many more questions and answers on this dedicated page.

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