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Melissa and Adams wedding by Devon wedding photographer Nick Williams

I made my way across Dartmoor to the beautiful Horn of Plenty Hotel in the heart of Devon for this wedding. As a Devon wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to visit numerous stunning venues to capture couples tying the knot. The journey from my home in Bovey Tracey to the Horn of Plenty is truly the best commute I could ask for. It takes me through the breathtaking Dartmoor National Park, where I encountered only a few waddling ducks, which was quite amusing. It's a story you couldn't make up.

Devon Wedding photographer Nick Williams
Bride and Groom

My beautiful bride and groom.

Melissa and Adam were delightful to photograph, and their guests made me feel incredibly welcome on their wedding day. It brings me great joy when a couple entrusts me with capturing their special day in a manner that enhances the overall experience. I often hear stories of photographers who take an excessive amount of time to photograph a wedding, causing disruptions. I strive to be helpful and efficient in my approach. If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to read the reviews about me on Google. You will find numerous accounts of people not only praising my stunning photographs but also appreciating my wedding photography style.

Wedding photo taken at the Horn of Plenty Devon.
Natural photograph of the bride and groom.

Formal photographs do not have to be stuffy.

In my experience as a Devon wedding photographer, I often hear people expressing a preference for natural-looking photographs over formal posed photos. I think this may be because they have never had the opportunity to be photographed by a skilled professional like myself. Take a look at this particular photograph, where Adam is whispering into Melissa's ear, making her laugh. It appears to be a candid and natural moment, but in reality, it was a setup. This goes to show that posed photographs can also be enjoyable and capture the essence of the moment.

Bride and groom chatting about their wedding day
Bride and groom having a special moment

Natural look at wedding, photography in the heart of Devon.

Here is another example of a wedding photograph that captures a natural pose. When taking photos like this, I avoid using a wide angle lens and instead opt for a telephoto prime lens. This allows me to create distance between myself and the bride and groom, giving them space to feel at ease and relaxed. I often encourage them to chat with each other, as I cannot hear their conversation. This helps to create a more candid and genuine moment. Sometimes, I even inform them that we are moving on to the next shot before they realise I have already taken the photo. Being a Devon Wedding Photographer, I have learned many techniques like this over the past 23 years of capturing weddings.

Bride and groom walking along a path chatting about their wedding day.
Bride and groom, walking and chatting.

This Devon wedding photographers classic walking shot

Photographers frequently claim that their photos are one-of-a-kind. However, in today's digital age where everything is shared on social media, achieving true uniqueness is nearly impossible. Instead, it is crucial to focus on mastering the essential principles of wedding photography. I often come across pictures of the bride and groom walking together, appearing uninterested. Therefore, when I capture these moments, I provide my couples with guidance and suggestions on what to discuss. Engaging in conversations about their initial meeting tends to result in far superior photographs, as opposed to discussing mundane tasks like taking out the recycling.

Wedding photograph taken at dusk by Devon wedding photographer nick williams
Night time wedding photograph.

Was the sky really that blue?

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that this Devon wedding photographer frequently capture stunning evening photos like this one. The sky consistently displays a beautiful blue hue, even on cloudy days when the sun is not visible. This occurs just before the sky turns black at night, creating a marvelous deep blue shade. This brief period lasts for approximately 15 minutes and is one of my preferred moments to capture wedding photographs. I cannot recall a time when the bride and groom were not impressed upon seeing the photo on the camera's display. It is always delightful to share my vision for an image with couples and then immediately demonstrate it to them. If you would like to see more photos similar to this, I recommend visiting my winter wedding gallery.

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